1. "She could do things with a chicken that would almost make it glad it had been killed."
    — Terrible Pratchett, Witches Abroad (via thefollower17)

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  3. "Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong."
    — Emma Watson, who is bold and brave and a real world heroine just as good as Hermione Granger.  (via speaklivewrite)

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    Oh my GOD, Owen.

    It entertains me that their organization was not even remotely secret. I imagine the locals all rolling their eyes whenever the team runs past, because it’s like when your kids are playing spy games and they’re being ‘sneaky’ and you have to pretend you can’t see them. 

    Whenever something really weird happens you just wander down to the docks, position yourself in front of a hidden camera, and sigh loudly. “Oh my, I sure hope that freaky alien-looking thing doesn’t eat my family. Boy, I wish there were someone around who could take care of that for me.

    And then you piss off and get lunch while they handle it, so you can avoid getting roofied. 

    And then you remember this little gem

    "Excuse me… Have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?"

    *points*”Bloody Torchwood!”

    outside the government, beyond the police, just down past the tourist information office, turn right at the docks, follow the pteradactyl screams, join the queue formed outside.


    "Beyond the government, outside the United Nations, second left over the flyover, straight on at Budgens, right at the lights, then first left by the Quicksave" (x)

    Bloody Torchwood. <3

    I always wondered why they had christmas lights on their super-secret jeep thing. 

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    Audrey Hepburn in Cecil Beaton portraits for My Fair Lady. The bottom one is a commonly used picture and the one above it is an outtake from the shoot.

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  6. "It was all very well going on about pure logic and how the universe was ruled by logic and the harmony of numbers, but the plain fact of the matter was that the Disc was manifestly traversing space on the back of a giant turtle and the gods had a habit of going around to atheists’ houses and smashing their windows."

    Terry Pratchett, The Colour of Magic

    (aka my favorite quote of this book so far)

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    yeah a boyfriend sounds nice but a supreme enemy you can make out with sometimes in secret sounds a lot more hardcore

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    doodles of the day sponsored by khalid’s klatchian hots all night eatery

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    It’s like Hufflepuffs united

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  12. Anonymous said: how do you think - will the Master come back?


    I’m not sure whether you’re asking how I think he will come back or if I think he’ll actually come back at all, but I can confidently confirm that the Master will return.

    How does November sound?


  13. Same-Type Element Counters

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    "Less of a young professional…"

    The Lodger - series 05 - 2010

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    "Do you remember the happiest moment of your life?"
    "The first time I kissed her."

    (Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, Vietnam)